Updated Documents

Hello neighbors! The updated resident roster has been uploaded as well as the meeting minutes from the recent HOA meeting. You will find links to both in the lefthand column – or click on the word “Navigation” at top if you are viewing the website on a mobile device. Both are password protected as well – you should have an email with the password.

Tree Pruning

Several SBV residents have been doing serious pruning on mature trees. This prevents breakage in hurricane season, saves roofs and gutters and promotes tree health. Home appearance is enhanced as well.

If you need some professional tree work, we can recommend Lone Star Tree Service. Contact Nino Cervantes, 713.385.4312. Email: olveratrees@att.net. http://www.olveraLonestarTrees.com.

They are fast and cleanup all the debris. Typical cost: $300-400 per mature tree.

In Memoriam…

Our neighbor, Angie Whitaker, posted this on social media and wishes that her neighbors may see it as well.  

Having a hard time finding the words for this post….These two have been reunited after 13 years apart. The Lord finally called my mom home Wednesday afternoon, February 23, 2022. I have had the honor of being her primary caregiver since 2016 when she came to stay with me. We were so blessed she got to live out her life with me at home. She passed peacefully and quickly and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Rest in Peace Martha Whitaker

Residents Only Page is Updated

The Residents Only page has been updated.  You will see new information on the Gate Telephone, which Visitors should use to call you so you can open the gate remotely.  

And there is information on the use of the Gate Video Cameras.  The Residents Only page requires a Password.  If you have forgotten the the Password, contact any of the Board Members.