White Oak Bike Path

IMG_4432You can now jump on the new White Oak Hike/Bike Path which is 1 mile from SBV.  After traveling through the neighborhood to our north, you will see a bike path on the left side of the street along Woodland Trails Drive, this is just a block or 2 from Houston/North Rosslyn Rd.  If you head east on the bike path, you will travel under that street and under the rail tracks and under Alabonson St.  which is about 2 miles from SBV.

You can then explore the old Inwood golf course or continue on aside White Oak Bayou. The Houston trail system is lengthy and well-protected from most auto traffic.  There are traffic lights at the few intersections that have to be crossed.  It is very pleasant biking through the Heights and to downtown Houston and beyond.  Eventually the trail will connect to improvements around the Hollister retention ponds to our west.

Here is more information on the Houston Trail system: https://www.houstonbikeways.org/maps

bike path.1