News from NWMD

From the Near Northwest Management District today:

  • A project to start in early 2021 is to provide improved sidewalks on both sides of West Little York, from Hollister to Bingle.
  • A large apartment complex on N. Houston Rosslyn Rd. recently sold to a new investment owner for $25 million. The longer term impact of this will be higher rents. This is a positive development for our part of town.
  • The Downtown Metro bus route will be extended west along West Little York to Hollister. This should reduce some commute traffic in our area. 7 bus stop shelters along the way are planned.
  • The large project on West Little York, west of us before Guhn Rd., is another warehouse. The new project on Langfield south of West Little York is also a warehouse.
  • Amy Peck is now our City of Houston City Council representative for District A. You can communicate with her on Facebook on her page, or phone (832) 393-3010. She replaced Brenda Stardig in 2019.

Back Yard Service

Many of us use Joe Fernandez with USA Landscaping to service our back yards.  He has recently suggested he may discontinue service starting in 2021 in response to some of us paying late or not at all.  Please make sure to pay Joe if he does work on your back yard.  It may be that invoices are going to your spam folder.  He sends invoices from  Many of us believe his team does a good job and at a competitive price.  We would like him to continue offering back yard service.  Please check if you are current with Joe and if not, please try to get current.

Lightning Strike


Last week you may have heard the boom of a very close lightening strike in SBV.  Unfortunately, it struck the Cherif home at 8710 Stone Village Lane.  The fire trucks responded and assured there was no continuing danger.  They removed drywall in a front room as the lightening grounded down a gutter system drainpipe and may have damaged electrical wiring.  The power was later turned off.  Neighbors saw smoke swirling from the roof but no fire was sustained.   Nice job Houston Fire Department… they responded in minutes.

Our New Lawn Service


P.O. BOX 550091   HOUSTON, TX  77255-0091


Stone Brook Village Community:

U.S.A. Landscaping & Lawn service would like to thank the Stone Brook Village for allowing us the opportunity to maintain your community.

We look forward to servicing your every landscape needs, such as mowing, mulching,  fertilization, Lighting, Irrigation (new install & repairs), tree trimming, landscape revamps and new installs,   drainage, pavers, preventative maintenance and much more.

Our normal service day will be on Wednesdays , starting on January 3, 2018.

In the event of inclement weather , we will be out on the next available day .( usually the next day )

Our method of doing business , is usually by cotract for routine maintenance and are invoiced Monthly. All other projects to be invoiced on a case by case basis.

We are looking forward to working with your community!!!!

Should you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance to anyone, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely ,

Joe Fernandez

owner /operator of U.S.A. Landscaping & Lawn service.

Lawn Service Change

The Board has requested bids for lawn service and after evaluating the quotes and services provided, we have decided to hire a new provider for our lawn and landscape needs, effective January 1, 2018.    The name of our new company is:
U.S.A. Landscaping & Lawn Service.
Owner: Joe Fernandez
Cell 281-748-4835
 Our service day will remain the same (Wednesday). Weekly service from March through October and bi-weekly November through February.  Joe will fertilize 3 times per year, provide 2 fungicide/insecticide applications per year, (front yards and common areas) and 2 color changes per year in the common areas. If you wish to have Joe give you a quote for maintaining your back yard and or flowerbeds please contact him directly.