Our newly inherited cat, O’Malley, slipped out the door while we weren’t paying attention and got out into the neighborhood Tuesday night.  He’s an indoor cat and obviously unfamiliar with the environs. He’s probably scared, especially after the lawn folk came and went.  If you spot him, please call either Betsey or myself.   Bill 713/256-3911 or Betsey 713/703-9211.  Thanks 


Gate Update

Hi Neighbors, The reason it is taking so long is because the board feels since we need to change the system we should look into getting internet to the gate for security cameras. Well, that has been a chore. We need at least 100 Mbs for the cameras. AT&T only has an 18 Mb line available for the gate location. Comcast has a line nearby that would provide 1 gig of internet speed. Danny will meet with a Comcast surveyor in a few days to make sure they can run it to the location where we need it. If we can get the line to the gate we are told it would be 30-90 days to complete. Comcast said they would not charge us to run the line. The internet service to the entry system and the cameras would be approx. $135 per month. We currently pay $85 for the phone line. We received 3 bids and have chosen Dixie Security Solutions. Their bid for the new VoIP entry system and 2 cameras is $6,200. We will keep you updated as more info becomes available.  Thanks for your patience, Danny, Charles and Jared


The goblins, wild creatures and power players were out in force on Halloween in the ‘hood. Offering treats on the street was most popular. It seemed like more kids than usual, and the good times prevailed. The adults took the opportunity to renew acquaintances as well.

Old Gate

I am being told by several neighbors the home calling codes are not working. The only code working is star 8541. Our 25 year old system is obsolete so I’m unable to find parts. I’m working on getting quotes for a new system. I have 2 quotes and I’m waiting on another before we make a decision on which system we’ll have installed. Hoping it can be done in a couple of weeks. As soon as a decision is made and the time frame on installation is determined I’ll let you know. Thank you for your patience, 

Danny, Charles and Jared

October Bits

Halloween is on Saturday, Oct. 31st. The gates will NOT be opened. If you have relatives with small children, you may invite them to trick or treat in our neighborhood. We also ask that you escort them around the neighborhood. If you plan on handing out treats please have your front porch lights on. If you do not plan on handing out treats please turn your porch lights off. Trick or treating will be from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday November 1st. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday night. This also means the entry gate code will be changing. The new entry gate code will be STAR 7532. The code change will not happen until new hardware is installed. Advice on this will be sent later. As a reminder, please do not give this new resident code to anyone you do not know well.

There are several flower beds that need tending to. Please pull the weeds from your flower beds. 

Thanks, Charles, Jared and Danny

News from NWMD

From the Near Northwest Management District today:

  • A project to start in early 2021 is to provide improved sidewalks on both sides of West Little York, from Hollister to Bingle.
  • A large apartment complex on N. Houston Rosslyn Rd. recently sold to a new investment owner for $25 million. The longer term impact of this will be higher rents. This is a positive development for our part of town.
  • The Downtown Metro bus route will be extended west along West Little York to Hollister. This should reduce some commute traffic in our area. 7 bus stop shelters along the way are planned.
  • The large project on West Little York, west of us before Guhn Rd., is another warehouse. The new project on Langfield south of West Little York is also a warehouse.
  • Amy Peck is now our City of Houston City Council representative for District A. You can communicate with her on Facebook on her page, or phone (832) 393-3010. She replaced Brenda Stardig in 2019.

Back Yard Service

Many of us use Joe Fernandez with USA Landscaping to service our back yards.  He has recently suggested he may discontinue service starting in 2021 in response to some of us paying late or not at all.  Please make sure to pay Joe if he does work on your back yard.  It may be that invoices are going to your spam folder.  He sends invoices from fernandezusa01@aol.com.  Many of us believe his team does a good job and at a competitive price.  We would like him to continue offering back yard service.  Please check if you are current with Joe and if not, please try to get current.