News from NWMD

From the Near Northwest Management District today:

  • A project to start in early 2021 is to provide improved sidewalks on both sides of West Little York, from Hollister to Bingle.
  • A large apartment complex on N. Houston Rosslyn Rd. recently sold to a new investment owner for $25 million. The longer term impact of this will be higher rents. This is a positive development for our part of town.
  • The Downtown Metro bus route will be extended west along West Little York to Hollister. This should reduce some commute traffic in our area. 7 bus stop shelters along the way are planned.
  • The large project on West Little York, west of us before Guhn Rd., is another warehouse. The new project on Langfield south of West Little York is also a warehouse.
  • Amy Peck is now our City of Houston City Council representative for District A. You can communicate with her on Facebook on her page, or phone (832) 393-3010. She replaced Brenda Stardig in 2019.

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