Lightning Strike


Last week you may have heard the boom of a very close lightening strike in SBV.  Unfortunately, it struck the Cherif home at 8710 Stone Village Lane.  The fire trucks responded and assured there was no continuing danger.  They removed drywall in a front room as the lightening grounded down a gutter system drainpipe and may have damaged electrical wiring.  The power was later turned off.  Neighbors saw smoke swirling from the roof but no fire was sustained.   Nice job Houston Fire Department… they responded in minutes.

One thought on “Lightning Strike

  1. I was standing at my front door when lightning struck two doors down….bout jumped out of my skin! What was so bizarre about it was the fact that there was hardly any lightning in the area prior to that one moment, and then BAM! As a former professional golfer, I have seen what lightening can do and it is nothing to play around with. In fact, I don’t even shower if there is lightening in the area. But for all of you who don’t take it all that seriously, please consider a couple of facts. Lightning can strike from ten miles away. If you can hear thunder, you could be hit if you aren’t careful. I would tell you kids to come in from playing the moment they hear thunder and don’t wait until you actually see a lightning bolt. Don’t stand under a tall tree. In fact, don’t be too eager to walk to a window or your front door if there is a tree nearby. It can hit the tree and jump to the house.


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