HOA Meeting Sunday

One topic I intend to address at the meeting is traffic in the neighborhood.  Our 15 mph speed limit is frequently being ignored.  With the increasing number of kids in SBV, it is inexcusable to have speeders among our residents!  Its bad enough to have outsiders drive carelessly.  A remedy often voiced is speed bumps.  I believe many of us will not be happy if that happens.

Please, come join the conversation.

Dwight Dawson

Hi Neighbors,
This will serve as your notice of our 2018 annual HOA meeting. Our meeting will be held in the park (weather permitting) or at 8410 Stone Village Ln. on April 8th at 4 pm. The reason we are having it in April, rather than the usual March meeting, is because the position of Secretary/Treasurer is up for election and Danny would like to be in attendance as he is running for re-election. If anyone else is interested in running for this 3 year volunteer position, you must notify the board of your intent prior to April 1st so ballots can be printed.
Your Board of Directors,
Charles, Mary Jo, and Danny

1 thought on “HOA Meeting Sunday

  1. I am not seeing the kind of violations you are, and I am here most days (though not outside). The streets have always seemed quiet to me and if there are some obvious and persistent violators (who live in our neighborhood) they should be notified by mail. Speed bumps won’t solve anything here as most of the streets have no straightaways long enough to speed down, it will just make others lives, who obey the speed limits, miserable.


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