Dog Caution

Per Bill Pelham on Dec. 24:

There is a stray dog in our SBV neighborhood that we are trying to get to SPCA, but they are closed until Tuesday. The dog is friendly, approachable, but is a bit spooked by people on bicycles. I don’t think he will bite, but he will run up to the bike and bark. If that doesn’t scare you, feel free to ride your bike into the northern area of the neighborhood (though it is possible he may head south from time to time). He has no collar and due to the substantial injury to his neck (open wounds from previous restraint from which he was able to break free), I’m not sure we should put one on him at this point as it might only add insult to injury. He needs medical attention and with the holidays, it is all but impossible to get it. Don’t be frightened of him….but be aware of his presence if you are riding a bike in the hood.






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